Long Products

Merchant Bars and Profiles

merbarsProfiles and merchant bars are billet-derived structures that come in different shapes and sizes. Round bars but also squares, angles and channels all enter in this category.

Merchant bars and profiles are used in fabrication and engineering applications and can also be further processed into a wide range of steel and steel-containing structures.


Structural Sections

sectionsandprofilesStructural or heavy sections are beams and profiles of a specific cross-section, usually in the shape of an I, H, or U. The dimensions of the flanges will vary but they are generally symmetrical and of equal width.

Structural sections are used for the construction of large structures such as bridges, high-rise buildings and heavy machinery.


Reinforcing Bar

rebarsReinforcing bars or "re-bars" are long round products formed from billets. They have surface deformations in the form of ridges for a very specific use.

Reinforcing bars improve mechanical anchoring and increase tensile strength when used as reinforcement in concrete structures.


Wire Rod

wirerodWire rod is made from steel billets in a hot rolling process to produce thin diameters that are delivered in the form of coils.

There are many uses for steel wire rod and they depend mainly on the base grade of steel and its drawability to undergo further transformation. From wire mesh and fences to fasteners and tools, to medium and high carbon steel for wire strands and cords for pre-stressed concrete.