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Vision and Mission


Steelcom has a clear objective to become a leading player in the steel sector, able to provide sustained value across the supply chain based on our continuous understanding of the evolution and change of our industry.


Through the expertise of our worldwide network, Steelcom's mission is:

  • Engineering and designing custom made services to meet the requirements and expectations of our suppliers and customers.
  • Constantly developing new sources of supply to accommodate increasing demand for improved service throughout the supply chain.
  • Managing financial services as a way to offer solutions that enhance profitability and mitigate risk for both producers and end users of steel products.
  • Developing shipping logistics, warehousing and distribution services.
  • Assisting producers and users of steel products with technical know-how, logistics solutions and international market knowledge.
  • Focusing on providing both suppliers and clients with added value, expertise through a competent approach, and excellent professional service.